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Engineering Certifications

We will custom design, build and test your cab or canopy to meet ROPS, FOPS, MSHA requirements.

Mises Stress Contours

Loading to 250,000 lbs currently using two hydraulic rams 14” apart.

6’ between diagonal braces on test frame currently

Video record of results available

Roll-Over Protective Structure Testing to ISO 3471 Standard

Falling Object Protective Structure Testing to ISO 3449 Level II Standard (225 kg test object)

3rd party Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of structures available prior to testing.

In-house ROPS/FOPS design available.

In-house linear FEA of machine frame to meet ISO 3471 standard.

Testing of in-house fabricated or third party ROPS/FOPS frames.


Physical Side Load Test ROPS

ROPS side and back load testing performed with the cab mounted to a mock up of the machine frame. The box man sitting in the cab representst the area that cannot be encroached upon during the tests. Once the test is a success on the speciman a new cab is manufactured to those specifications.

Contact information for ROPS FOPS MSHA and other Engineering requirements

Howard Mearns, P.E. WV 20511


Phone: 304-366-3886