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Manufactured Gathing Head & Rebuilt Coal Hauler

Warranty and Follow-Up Service

Francis Enterprises, Inc., provides a limited warranty on all of our products, repairs, and rebuilds. Our handling, assembly, installation, and workmanship are guaranteed to meet or exceed the quality level demanded by our customers.

We offer a warranty for workmanship of our repairs for six months from the date of service installation, if the product is stored properly to prevent deterioration. We will repair or replace our manufactured items if they are found to be defective or do not pass the customer's receipt inspection.

Parts that are customer-supplied, OEM, or another third party that have issues will be assessed at each instance and a resolution obtained by us through the responsible vendor. We will supply the labor for warranty repairs and perform them at the customer's convenience and choice of locations.

Francis Enterprises, Inc., complies with all state and federal mining laws, meets insurance requirements, maintains an underground safety program, and keeps properly trained technical staff to perform warranty and service repairs on our equipment.

WV Contractors Number: WV025701
WVMHST: C-7000