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The Francis Enterprises, Inc., main office and primary facility located in Westover, West Virginia, with 19,000 sq. ft. of floor space divided into five bays. Each bay is equipped with two 15-ton overhead bridge cranes to handle large equipment.

One bay is dedicated to disassembly and pressure washing. The other bays are used for repair and assembly. A separate building houses our sandblasting set-up that we use to strip components of rust and paint prior to repair.

Machine Shop

Our machine shop is located in an 8000 sq. ft. building that is divided into two bays with 15-ton overhead bridge cranes. The machine tools that we use for our repair and manufacturing consists of four 12" to 32" engine lathes, two vertical mills, three 4" and 5" horizontal boring mills, and a 6" floor mill with a 7' x 22' capacity for larger frames and components.


Our second location in Fairmont has a 5,000 sq. ft. office and a 45,000 sq. ft. shop area on five acres of ground. The facility is divided into five bays and a segregated sandblasting area. Each bay has two overhead bridge cranes ranging from five-ton to 15-ton capacity.

Bay 5 is for disassembly, component teardown for repair assessment, steam cleaning, and reassembly preparation. Bay 4 is used for steel fabrication and welding for repairs, modifications, and new equipment or components.

Bay 3 handles plate cutting, forming, and preparation. Bay 2 is for the assembly of rebuilds and new equipment. Bay 1 is used to assemble components such as drive trains, cutter heads, and scoop axles.

Man Inspecting Equipment